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ADVANCE SITE PREP is the Industry Standard 

Finding qualified site preparation contractors that specialize in land clearing, right of way clearing,
and grading are hard to come by. Trying to find one that will work in multiple industries such as Energy,
Federal Construction, Heavy Highway, and Commercial is almost impossible. There
has been shortage of specialized site preparation contractors since the recession and just not enough
of these contractors to handle the needs of the industry. Advance Site Prep excels in clearing, grubbing, maintenance and consultations.

Your Vision becomes Our Vision


Your vision becomes our vision!  With over 30 years of knowledge in the construction industry, Advance Site Prep LLC can bring multiple
solutions and service that will handle the needs and schedules for our clients. We understand time is money and offer out of the box approaches to achieve your budgets and needs. We offer impeccable workmanship and safety practices to ensure our clients success. Advanced Site Prep is extremely mobile and has worked in all sorts of conditions and terrains in the United States.

Advance Site Preparation offers the following services: Site Clearing & Preparation, Right Of Way Clearing & Maintenance, Excavation & Grading and more.

950 Dozer 850 Dozer 245 Excavator Cleari
Excavator Clearing Brush.jpg
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Advance Site Prep Specialties


Site Preparation:

  • Heavy Highway R.O.W Clearing & Maintenance Services- Clearing, Trim, and Mow Construction R.O.W.

  • Utility R.O.W Clearing & Maintenance Services- Power Line, Sewer Line, Water Line trimming, Clearing, and Mowing.

  • Pipeline R.O.W Clearing & Maintenance Services- Clearing, Matting, Restoration, and Mowing

  • Commercial & Residential Clearing-  Strip Malls, Apartments, Office Complexes, New Construction, Sub Divisions, Parks.  Clearing, Grubbing, Grinding, Burning with an Air Curtain and Disposal Services

  • Excavation & Grading- Grading Small to Mass Large Projects

  • Emergency Storm Clean Up- Whether it's Accidental or Mother Nature, Advance Site Prep can help with Tree & Brush Removal, Demolition, and General Clean Up




  • Project Estimating- Understaffed, need estimators, looking for different approaches; Advance Site Prep can help with short term estimating needs. Our estimating team has won profitable projects throughout the US.

  • Project Management-  Team development, education and set up assistance for HCSS systems and scheduling systems.

  • Turnkey project management for specific projects.


Real-estate development:  Develop unusable real estate to usable, profitable property.  Assistance in aesthetics and construction to achieve quicker sales.  Feasibility studies for construction opportunities.


Safety:  Our corporate culture focuses on safety and service for our employees and clients.  Ongoing safety training with daily safety meetings and JSA’s along with stop work authority for all employees who see a safety hazard.

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